GLS 2023

GLS 2023 Image

Global Leadership Summit 2023
August 3–4, 2023
Experience two days of transformative teaching, art and storytelling—all designed to help you push your boundaries and maximize your influence to create a better world!

GLS Faculty includes:
Secretary Condoleezza Rice (Director, Hoover Institution; 66th Secretary of State; Author, Professor)
Pat Gelsinger (CEO, Intel Corporation)
Liz Bohannon (Founder, Sseko Designs; Author)
James Clear (Founder, Habits Academy; Best-Selling Author)
Erin Meyer (Professor, INSEAD; Best-Selling Author)
Ryan Leak (CEO, The Ryan Leak Group; Best-Selling Author)
Patrick Lencioni (Founder & President, The Table Group; Best-Selling Author
Francesca Gino (Professor, Harvard Business School; Best-Selling Author)
Dave Ramsey (CEO, Ramsey Solutions; Best-Selling Author)
Anita Elberse (Professor, Harvard Business School; Best-Selling Author)
Albert Tate (Founding & Lead Pastor, Fellowship Church; Founder & CEO, The Greatest Story; Best-Selling Author)
Craig Groeschel (Founder & Senior Pastor, Life.Church; Best-Selling Author)