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The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is pleased to offer a scholarship program to help provide access to The Kroc Center. It was Joan Kroc's vision and expectation that all individuals have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents. The following scholarships are available:

  • Membership Scholarships

How to Apply for a Membership Scholarship

  1. Download a Scholarship Application and Membership Application Form or pick these up at the Member Services Desk.
  2. Complete the scholarship and membership applications (even if you are already a member).
  3. Attach all household income verification documents to your completed application. This includes all documents that best reflect the gross annual salary income of all household members: check stubs, unemployment statement, social security, disability incomes, food stamps award letter, alimony, child support income, etc.
  4. Return your completed application with attached household income verification to the Member Services Desk or via email. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 
  5. Qualifying applicants will have their scholarship application reviewed by a selection committee. Selected applicants will be contacted by the Family Services Department for further instructions.
  6. Applicants may apply at any time. Applications will be processed as soon as possible. All scholarships are pending availability of funds.
  7. For your scholarship to remain active, you must use The Kroc Center on an average of four times per month and attend two (2) Life Enrichment classes. General membership policies also apply.

Download Scholarship Application   Download Membership Application

How to Renew Your Scholarship

  1. Download a Scholarship Application or pick one up at Member Services Desk.
  2. Return your completed application with attached household income verification to the front desk.

  3. If you qualify for a scholarship, you will be notified and membership will be automatically renewed. 

Download a Scholarship Application

Donate to Kroc Scholarships

By making a donation to the Kroc Scholarship Fund, you are reaching out to a family or individual in need, helping to provide a membership to those who may need a little help getting there. Mahalo for your consideration.

Donate To Kroc Scholarships

Stay up to date with Kroc Membership Policies & Codes of Conduct.

General Kroc Policies Code of Conduct

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